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USP 797 Book

USP 797 is the "Bible" for anybody doing IV vitamin infusions.

This is everything you need to safely run your vitamin infusion center, and to be prepared for the inevitable pharmacy inspections that will be coming your way. Even if you’re administering vitamins in a doctor’s office, you are compounding — USP 797 applies to you.

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A Guide for 797 Compliance

Enter this brilliant, succinct, well written and comprehensive summary. Shannon Petteruti, a Certified Nurse Practitioner with years of experience creating and running infusion centers across the country has edited the enormous, bureaucratically written USP 797 documents and drawn out the essential elements. She has also worked with a leading pharmacist directly involved in creating USP 797 for years. She has restored vitamin infusion centers to compliance that were closed due to being found USP 797 deficient.

You could spend untold hours trying to hack through the documents and then try to figure out what sections apply to you. You could spend tens of thousands on consultants to help guide you. Or you can simply buy this book. The book tells you what you need to know to be compliant. Shannon’s companion work, “The 797 Program,” at supplies you with all the forms and checklists needed in a clean and complete manner, making you compliant while saving you time and money. All the forms, logs, and SOPs are written in plain language in a manner that you can read today and apply tomorrow.

Ignorance is not a defense! You are responsible for knowing and applying all these principles. Fortunately, Shannon Petteruti, NP has simplified the process for you.

Book Reviews

Very comprehensive overview for 797 compliance

Literally this is everything I need to know to help ensure we are 797 compliant. It is outlined well and fully covers what are critical best practices, and what is and out of scope for Inspections. I found the areas of how to handle training staff, what to document and record retention especially helpful. I always find it a nightmare to determine what is actually needed. I feel like my office will be in a really good place with compounding standards. I also plan to get the course that she offers too. This is a MUST have for anyone in our field.

Concise and focused. Well edited summary of info that matters

Shannon has provided an invaluable resource to anybody currently running, or contemplating opening an intravenous vitamin/supplement infusion center. Figuring out which regulatory standards apply to such centers is a daunting task, buried in miles of bureaucratically written government documents. This concise and powerful book extracts all the essential elements. It’s easy to read and comprehend. It will save you time, money, and protect your patients and your center. A must read for anybody in the field!

A Must Have for IV Vitamin Centers!

I am getting ready to open my IV vitamin center and read a comment about 797 guidelines. I tried to find information about it but it seems to be very focused on large compounding pharmacies. I couldn’t figure out how it pertained to what I was doing. I was definitely out of my league and the information was over my head. This book provided me with the information I needed to get started towards my compliance. It is a guide that directs you. I am looking forward to taking Shannon’s 797 course next week. It has all the forms, SOPs, and logs that are needed along with my compliance manual. Thank you for writing a book that no one has written yet. Something specific for our new arena of health!

Full Compliance Course

• Contains 6 video presentations with over 2.5 hours of training specifically related to 797 regulations for your IV vitamin center.

• Contains 17 forms, 14 logs, and 35 SOPs required for 797 compliance all in PDF or Word Doc format.

• Contains all the necessarily files for your Compliance Manuals with image previews.


Basic Compliance Package

• Contains 17 forms, 14 logs, and 35 SOPs required for 797 compliance all in a PDF or Word Doc formats.

• Contains all the necessarily files for your Compliance Manual.

• Listed format (without previews) available for bulk downloads.