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Compliance Packages


Full Compliance Course Level 2

This course offers resources such as video lessons, PDF downloads with visual previews and compliance manuals to get you started.

• Contains 6 video presentations with over 2.5 hours of training specifically related to 797 regulations for your IV vitamin center.

• Contains 17 forms, 14 logs, and 35 SOPs required for 797 compliance all in PDF or Word Doc format.

• Contains all the necessarily files for your Compliance Manuals with image previews.


Basic Compliance Package Level 1

This course gives you all the necessary documents to be easily accessed, downloaded and printed in a listed format.

• Contains 17 forms, 14 logs, and 35 SOPs required for 797 compliance all in a PDF or Word Doc formats.

• Contains all the necessarily files for your Compliance Manual.

• Listed format (without previews) available for bulk downloads.

Why Is this Important?

The first section of the course provides background knowledge for you about USP 797, including how it came to exist and why governmental authorities are so focused on enforcing it. Sections 3 and 4 present infection control and safety “best practices” as related to the delivery of IV vitamin infusions and how to train your employees. From section 5 onward, this course is primarily devoted to helping you to prepare for an inspection for USP 797 compliance performed by a federal or state regulatory entity. Not only is preparing your wellness center or other healthcare business for inspections covered, but also how to deal with an inspector’s determination of a deficiency in USP 797 compliance (whether or not this results in a citation or other legal action against you). We will end with all the supplies your center needs to be compliant, plus vendors for those supplies as well as all your inventory (vitamins).

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