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Why I Started 797 Compliance Pro?

Through my 8 years of experience opening vitamin infusion centers nationwide along with extensive research and working with top pharmacists who were involved with the creation of the 797 guidelines, I have been able to extract from the voluminous USP 797 documents those elements that are essential to the operation of IV vitamin infusion centers. Another reason is because I provided IV vitamin infusions in our center, and was tremendously impacted by the enforcement of USP 797.  

Unfortunately, a course like this one did not exist for me to take at that point in time, so I had to learn about the USP 797 enforcement implications by experiencing them first-hand. I truly do not want you to have to go through my personal experience. This experience is explained in the first section of this course.

Meet Shannon

Shannon Petteruti is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and health expert who has been featured in INC. Magazine, NBC, Thrive Global, PBN News, and Authority Magazine. She is best known for helping her clients live their most abundant lives through overcoming obstacles, finding their path, and reaching their goals.  

Shannon has used her professional career to focus on helping others achieve their maximum health and has had several successful businesses focused on this mission. After graduating from Simmons College as a Sigma Theta Tau International Honors graduate with dual bachelor degrees in business management and nursing, she went on to become a board-certified nurse practitioner and earn a Master’s degree in nursing. Shannon has now worked in the healthcare landscape for 20 years, using her education and passion to boost the success of her businesses. 

For her first business venture, Shannon wanted to focus on birth, child development, and helping families so she launched Bellani Maternity out of her garage. Within the first year, Shannon was able to successfully grow her new business to $1 million in sales. Bellani Maternity went on to become an award-winning company with Shannon leading the way as CEO.  

After six years in this role, Shannon transitioned from the leadership role to continue her education in anti-aging, functional medicine, IV vitamin therapy and USP 797 sterile compounding training as she wanted to pursue her growing passion for nursing and more patient-centered care. In 2014, this led to Shannon to take on the role of CEO of Intellectual Medicine, a concierge medical practice with a keen focus on personal health care. In this leadership role, Shannon grew Intellectual Medicine sales by 33%, reduced the cost of goods by 24%, and maintained the loyalty base at 78%. Shannon has proven her success, expertise and dedication to the personal health care industry in her past roles as CEO, and from 2019 – 2021 brought these tools to the table as CEO and co-founder of the award winning IV vitamin infusion business, THE DRIPBaR Franchise. Shannon’s focus now is helping IV vitamin centers across the country become USP 797 compliant.

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