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Need to Know More About Compliance For Your IV Vitamin Infusion Center?

To help your center become or stay compliant, we provide online courses that include video lessons, PDF downloads on forms, logs, and SOPs, as well as compliance manuals.

Need to Know More About Compliance For Your IV Vitamin Infusion Center?

To help your center become or stay compliant, we provide online courses that include video lessons, PDF downloads on forms, logs, and SOPs, as well as compliance manuals.

Compliance Course

These courses test your facility's compliance and offer resources for passing state mandates, including video lessons, PDF downloads and compliance manuals.

Business Consulting

Shannon will help you set a direction, and provide feedback, tools, guidance, and perspective on your business while advising on compliance.

Why I Started 797 Compliance Pro?

Through my 8 years of experience opening vitamin infusion centers nationwide along with extensive research and working with top pharmacists who were involved with the creation of the 797 guidelines, I have been able to extract from the voluminous USP 797 documents those elements that are essential to the operation of IV vitamin infusion centers. Another reason is because I provided IV vitamin infusions in our center, and was tremendously impacted by the enforcement of USP 797.  

Unfortunately, a course like this one did not exist for me to take at that point in time, so I had to learn about the USP 797 enforcement implications by experiencing them first-hand. I truly do not want you to have to go through my personal experience. This experience is explained in the first section of this course.

Professional Quotes

797 compliance has been good for our store (The DRIPBaR in Jacksonville) from a marketing perspective because no other store here has a medical hood. [Compliance with] these regulations are a selling point for us too because it sets us apart. The isolator in our lab makes a dramatic difference in the way vitamins are compounded and increases the potency of the vitamins for a longer lasting effect. Also, for infection control measures, it ensures that all vitamins compounded are mixed in a controlled environment decreasing the risk for infection. We are selling a service of [infusions] mixed in a sterile environment that no one else is providing in our area. Also, clients are getting a superior service by having an IV product mixed in an airtight medical space. It’s a game changer for our clients. We tell everyone if they are picky about what nail salon they go to when it comes to cleanliness and being sanitary, then they will appreciate that this is the IV that goes straight into your bloodstream! [Having] a sterile environment makes the higher price 100% worth it! We don’t mix on a counter, it’s not premixed or pre-made. Our bags aren’t watered down. Our clients can feel safe that they are getting a high quality, potent product from a sanitized area.

-Amber Amaru, THE DRIPBaR Jacksonville

In our field, 797 compliance is important because it verifies [safety and sterility] of how we make our infusions. This process allows me to feel confident I am treating my patients with the best product we can give them. They come to us seeking help/looking to improve wellness and I am certain I am mixing the best possible product for them.

– Tiffany Correia, Intellectual Medicine

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USP 797 Lab Space Designs

The USP 797 chapter describes practices and standards for pharmacy compounding (if you are mixing IV vitamins, you are considered a compounding pharmacy).  USP 797 requires the creation of two physical zones: a buffer room where the sterile compounding is performed and an anteroom where nonsterile compounding, hand washing and storage reside. Compounding of sterile products must be done in a Pharmacy Isolator. In low and medium risk compounding, the buffer and anteroom can be one shared room if separated by a visible line or physical barrier.

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Course Materials Provided

F415 Quality Assurance Report

L-8 Temp./ Humidity Pressure Log 2

S-16-Good Documentation Practices

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Course Curriculum

Full Compliance Course Level 2

This course offers resources such as video lessons, PDF downloads with visual previews and compliance manuals to get you started.

Basic Compliance Package Level 1

This course gives you all the necessary documents to be easily accessed, downloaded and printed in a listed format.

Business Consultation

As a business owner, you are in a unique position. You are responsible for both the vision and the execution of your ideas. Focusing on growth and keeping everything running smoothly, it’s easy to lose sight of why you started a business in the first place. A business consultant helps you step back, look around, and assess where you are. Only then can you decide where you want to go and create a plan to get there.

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USP 797 is the "Bible" for anybody doing IV vitamin infusions.

This is everything you need to safely run your vitamin infusion center, and to be prepared for the inevitable pharmacy inspections that will be coming your way. Even if you’re administering vitamins in a doctor’s office, you are compounding — USP 797 applies to you (Available in Kindle and Paperback).

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